Why do some dogs have long tails and some short tails?

Dogs that are born with long tails sometimes undergo tail docking. Veterinarians do no longer do dock tails.

Why do people dock puppies tails?

Because they are use to seeing dogs with short tails.

 What are the problem for dogs with docked tails?

To cut off the tails is painfull and traumatic. 

The cut goes through skin, muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

The pups might never forget this pain.

If docking is done poorly - your dog can have nerve damage as puppy grows older.

What can we do?

Insist on a puppy with a tail or cancel the sale.

Report breeders who docks puppies tails to your nearest SPCA.

Why do dogs need tails?

Dog use their tails to communicate.

Happy dogs - wag their tails wildly.

Scared or Worried dogs - wag their tails stiffly.

Dog with long tails communicate better.

Tails help dogs balance properly.