SPCA/DBV Paarl, gaan maandeliks uit na verskillende minder bevoorregte areas om mense en hulle diere te help.  

Ons doen ontwurming, en dip van diere.  Hier word ook na diere se basiese welstand gekyk en opvoeding word gegee.

Ons areas is Paarl, Mbekweni, Paarl Oos, Groenheuwel, Gouda en Saron.


Please Help Us!


Maybe you can help us, or know someone who can.

It is very important to us to serve as many areas with our Mobile clinics. And we try not to let anything stop us from doing that.

The problem we have is that the people in Mbekweni do not always understand us, and most of time do not understand that we are there to help them and their pets.

So if you speak Xhosa and want to volenteer as a translater for us, please contact us.

 It would be once every week in the mornings. For more information, just phone us. You can make a difference!!


Hierdie kinders bring hulle diere gereeld elke Dinsdag vir klinieke vanaf 8:30 - 9:30 by Drakenstein Biblioteek Paarl Oos.



Mense staan in rye om hulle honde te laat dip, inspuitings te kry en om gelaai te word om gesteriliseer te word.

Freddie is besig om die dip bakke reg te kry.

             Nog mense wat wag vir hulle hond om 'n               beurt te kry vir 'n dip of inspuitings en sterilisasie.

The Paarl SPCA/DBV wants to thank the National Lottery for the monies we receive from them. 

Any SPCA can apply for money from the National Lottery. "An SPCA should apply for what the needs of the SPCA and the public are.

Lotto money was used: to reach out to rural and unprivileged areas that we could not reached in the past. We did sterilization campaign and helped all the animals that came our way."

Paarl SPCA/DBV mostly applies for money to improve our services to the community. To equipped us to reach more people in the communities and prevent cases like the dog above.