Fireworks has been put in this cat's (above) ear!! How can people be so cruel?

Met die Nuwe Jaar wat nou vinnig nader kom, sien almal uit daarna om die oujaar af te sluit met groot feesvierings! En al is vuurwerke onwettig, sal daar maar altyd vuurwerke af gevier word op plekke. Dink asseblief in die tyd aan jou troeteldiere en plaas jouself in hulle pote. Dink 2 keer voor jy hulle blootstel aan die harde geluide van klappers!!!

"Animals are a beautiful part of creation.  They are dependent on our kindness and compassion for their well-being.  As we move forward in the new South Africa, let us never forget that our animals are part of our society and that we, as responsible people, are duty-bound to take care of them in the best possible way."  

Dogs can hear five times more acutely than humans.  This aslo explains why dogs and cats are so scared by the sound of fireworks which, to us, do not seem so loud.  They are in fact at least 5 times louder to our pets. 

The explosive act no 26 of 1956

This law applies nationwide with no exceptions.

It is unlawful to discharge any firework in any building, on any public thoroughfare or in any public place or resort without prior written permission of the local authority. (Section10.34)

Section 10.35 relates to public displays of fireworks and states that no person may do so on any premises without the written permission of the Chief Inspector of Explosives (commonly known as "having a permit").  This written permission will stipulate conditions and any non-compliance with them is a criminal offence.

In terms of the Explosives Act, no person shall allow or permit any children under the age of 16 to handle or use fireworks except under the supervision of an adult person.

This Act in enforced by the Sout African Police Service (SAPS) not by the SPCA.  Please report any offences to your nearest SAPS, giving as many details as you possibly can and quoting the Act name and number plus the relevant section as given above.  

Your Pets:

  • Ensure all animals have identification
  • If possible, stay home with them if you suspect fireworks fiends are about.
  • If you can't be home with them, keep them inside and preferably in a room such as the kitchen where the windows are higher (and more difficult to jump through)
  • Attempt to mask any noise by drawing curtains an playing calming music at a reasonable volume
  • Put familiar and comforting things around them such as toys, baskets etc.
  • Provide them with something to dosuch as giving your dog a chewy bone or your cat a catnip toy for felines.
  • If your pets do react badly to fireworks, then seek professional advice from your veterinarian.
  • Why not ensure your pets have a hearty and nutritious meal around nightfall.  This will make them more likely to be sleepy!